Ode to SOAS Occupation

by Qalandar Bux Memon

    The Space     On the 6th of October at around 7 pm sixty students entered and occupied the Brunei Suite, which is on the ground floor of the Brunei gallery of SOAS, and th...


Mehlab is Missing

by Zahid Abdulla

  Everyday in school Hani misses her friend Mehlab and tells the story of their friendship to other classmates. She still remembers her jokes, naughtiness , the dolls that she used to hide in he...



by Korina Gougouli

      To go on means going from here, means finding me, losing me, vanishing and beginning again, a stranger first, then little by little the same as always, in another place, where ...


Notes on the Awaran Operation in Balochistan

by D. Baloch

  While most of the Muslim world rejoiced and celebrated Eid al-Fitr those in Awaran, Balochistan were treated to a barge of bombs and bullets. In the early hours of June 18th, 2015 ( First day...


Greece and its European Economic Straight Jacket

by Interviewer: Alejandro Ze...

      We’ve experienced some agitated weeks in Europe, with Greece as the center of attention. After the outright No win in the referendum there have been a few surprises, such...


Greece, ‘Preferring Not To’

by Korina Gougouli

  The YES/NO Greek referendum vote announced on June 25th by the Syriza government, taking place today, is a call for the Greek people to grant the country some ground in negotiating a proposa...

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