Balochistan: Between Dr. Malik and a Hard Place.

by Asif Magsi

    Image: Protesters demand the right to education in Balochistan.         Dr. Malik Baloch, Chief Minister of Balochistan, in a recent talk with Dawn media group ...


Editorial: Free Political Prisoners of Gilgit Baltistan

by Naked Punch

On 25th of September 2014 Baba Jan and 11 other activists of Gilgit Baltistan were sentenced to life imprisonment by an Anti-Terrorism Court in Gilgit city. Baba Jan and the others sentenced, however...


“28th August: A Wake-Up Call for the Baloch”

by Mir Mohammad Ali Talpur

    Picture: The author with the son of Raza Jahangir. Raza Jahangir was killed by the Pakistani army on 14th Auguest 2013 and this father Bahktiyar was killed on 28th Auguest 2014.  ...


On Pakistani Liberal Complicity with State Violence

by Asfandyar Wazir

          The initiation of a military operation against militants in North Waziristan was readily accepted, by the national and international media, as a decisive showdo...


As long as I shall breathe ( Atlantic ocean, Spring 2006)

by Veronica Pamoukaghlian



Awakening to Patriarchy: A Conversation with Maria Mies (Part 1)

by Interviewee: Maria Mies I...

  Jeanny Gering:  You have argued that women have played an active role in left and national liberation struggles and yet they have been subjugated to patriarchy after national liberation o...

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