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Bol Magazine Issue 05

by Issue 05

Below is a link to issue 05 of NP's other magazine Bol.   http://issuu.com/naked_punch_review/docs/bolasiafinal05     ...


Balochistan Betrayed

by Mahvish Ahmad

    News on Balochistan continues to be shaped by the state's dominant narrative: Of a province that is, and always has been, rightfully Pakistani. But a cursory look at a Baloch versi...


On Philosophers, Violence, Humour & Tragedy

by Simon Critchley

Simon Critchley Interviewed by Qalandar Bux Memon and Asif Akhtar (Portrait by Luca Del Baldo)   Part One    (Interview conducted June 2011) Part One: The Role of Philosophers, Vi...


Hong Kong's Generation (Re) Generation

by Stephanie Bailey

  Art in Hong Kong has never had it so good. Aside from being the 3rd largest art market in the world after London and New York in terms of auction sales, complete with Christie’s, Sotheby...


Leung Chi Wo & Jeffrey Shaw

by A conversation between Le...

  Leung Chi Wo (LCW): You are the only practising artist with international recognition currently holding the position of Dean in a university in Hong Kong: the last time this happened was 20 ...


The Osage Vision in the Words of Agnes Lin

by Stephanie Bailey

    Agnes Lin is a merchandising magnate who grew up in Hong Kong. Starting out as an editorial assistant at the Hong Kong Trade Development Council she moved from merchandising for Swir...


Baghdad and the Emergence of the New World Order, 1990 - 2003

by Vijay Prashad

   Article by Vijay Prashad -  “All these developments intend not only to destroy Iraq, but to eliminate the role of the Soviet Union so the United States can control th...


Aesthetics as First Philosophy: Levinas and the Non-Human

by Graham Harman

  Emmanuel Levinas is usually seen as an ethical and religious philosopher. This reading is understandable to the point of seeming obvious, and certainly matches the philosopher’s own self...


Open Letter Demanding the Release of Baba Jan Hunzai

by Signed by Tariq Ali, Noam...

        For the past 8 months Baba Jan Hunzai and four fellow activists have languished in various jails of Gilgit. Twice in this period he has been removed from jail and tortu...


Baba Jan: One Year in Jail (an interview)

by Kiran Nazish

  Interview: Baba Jan Hunzai By: Kiran Nazish.   Sub Jail Jutial, Gilgit, G-B. -- BabaJan said he had never imagined torture would bring him so close to death, so many times. And ye...

Displaying articles 91 - 100 of 243 in total