Some fellow communards...


ZKM - Center for Art and Media.

The Commune - for workers' self-management and communism from below.

Verso Books - Books With a Critical Edge

New Left Review - Sharp, scholarly analysis, interviews and book reviews - in print and online

Labour Party Pakistan - For a Democratic Socialist Pakistan

Labour Education Foundation - The labor party education project

Pakistan Politics - Share and discuss latest Pakistani Political News and Views here.

Huelga Mundial de Mujeres - International network for recognition and payment for all caring work, and the return of military spending to the community starting with women the main carers.

Cage Prisoners - serving the caged prisoners in Guantanamo Bay.

Tate - British and international modern and contemporary art.

rampART - creative centre and social space

The Louverture Project - a free Haitian history resource.

Great Books - Online texts of all the main out-of-copyright classics.

Marxists - Unashamedly Marxist, revolutionary and intellectual, the MIA provides all that a budding socialist or accomplished ideologue could dream of.

WGBH Forum Network - Live and Archived Webcasts of Free Public Lectures. A great resource.

Sunday Art Culture - Portal to Contemporary Chinese Art.


Forum for European Philosophy - Organises events in European philosophy in London.

Amnesia Vivace - Theatre, art and literature collective (Italian).

Wu Ming Foundation - This revolution is faceless.

EU MAN - European Union Migrant Artists Network, a network for professional migrant artists living and working in the European Union area.

Online Journals

Film-Philosophy - Large range of essays on the boundary between philosAophy and cinema.


Rasha Kahil - La gueule du monde.

Marcus Rediker - Historian, activist and author of wonderful books..

Richard Shusterman - American pragmatist philosopher and consulting editor of Naked Punch.

Mark LeVine - Middle-East historian, activist and a consulting editor of Naked Punch.

Tariq Ali - Novelist, historian, political campaigner.

Erik Ringmar - Historian and Political Theorist.

Dylan Trigg - English independent mind specialising in aesthetics.

Ken Russell, Savage Messiah - The man, the films, the legend. Vivid, baroque and controversial the wild child of British Cinema lives on in this highly informative fan site.

Elizabeth Walling - UK independent composer

Maria V. Szulc - New York based photographer.NY in black and white.

Marco Villani - Brilliant Italian independent artist around the themes of self and identity.

Sarah Adina - Talented American artist.


Festival Internazionale di Fotografia Roma - The International Photography Festival of Rome - great quality of work.

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