Naked Punch Issue 06

Naked Punch 06 features Simon Critchley's "Theater is Narcissism-On Jean-Jacques Rousseau’s Narcisse", and an extensive collection of essays on Art, Politics, Philosophy and cinema. Poetry sections includes Richard Shusterman, Alphonso Lingins and others.

Theatre is Narcissism - On Jean-Jacques Rousseau’s Narciss

by Simon Critchley

  I want to try and answer the question ‘Was bringt die Klassik auf die Bühne’ by talking about a theatrical experience I had last year with an unapologetically contemporary sta...

Fragments Of A Prologue: White Skin, White Mask

by Qalandar Bux Memon

  Yes, yes the 'why's' but more so the 'how'.   My friend, the why is apt to circle itself (that dog chasing its own tail), the figure of the 'why' is ind...

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